How does it work?

1. Subscription

Select the most suitable subscription based on the expected yearly production needs. As a metric, you may use the volume of the inserts. For example, you have a 2-cavity mould, and each insert has a volume of 600 cm3. In that case, your total production need will be 2 x 600 = 1200 cm3 and the Entry package (2000 cm3) is the most suitable one. For new clients, no payments are needed in that phase.

2. Conformal Cooling System Design

Having received all the project technical specifications and designs, a dedicated engineer will be assigned to your project and start the development of the conformal cooling system. For new clients, no payments are needed in that phase.

3. Design Consolidation

We will send a technical report citing the potential saving in the injection moulding cycle and warpage reduction based on simulation results. If the results are satisfactory, you may proceed with the payment of the package to start production.

4. Insert Production

The production will be started as soon as the project designs are consolidated and approved. All inserts are produced in Maraging steel and heat treated to guarantee maximum performance and to prolongate its life.

5. Delivery and Balance Report

You would normally receive the inserts in wooden box within 15 days along with a balance sheet reporting the remaining on-demand production capacity. For the example above mentioned, you would still have 800 cm3 to be used on-demand for one year from the package payment date.

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