LPBF Mould Production

We use the latest LPBF Additive Manufacturing Technology to produce mouds in Maraging Steel with conformal cooling systems. QTool’s technical team will perform structural optimisation of the moulds before production resulting in considerable time and cost reduction. The integrated lattice structure reduces substantially the time and the material used during the production gaining unprecedented return on investment along with the reduction of the environmental impact.

Conformal Cooling

Conformal Cooling System allows to cool down the mould uniformly which results in warpage reduction of the end-user plastic parts. Moreover, these cooling channels conform to the geometry of the client’s part leading to the elimination of the hot spots and the reduction of the cycle time by up to 75%.

Mould Structural Optimization

 At QTool, We remove all the solid material from the mould and replace it with a fully optimized TPMS lattice structure to enhance the mould’s performance and decrease its environmental footprint. This allows to bring on the table unprecedented economic value to our valuable clients, up to 60% reduction on production costs.

The optimization process starts with a coupled thermo-mechanical simulation of the mould. Successively, The obtained result is used to vary the density of the lattice structure across the mould in order to have a relatively thicker lattice in the heavily loaded areas and a thinner one in the less loaded regions. This approach does not compromise the quality of the mould but indeed improves the energy absorption properties.



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