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QTool is a Politecnico di Torino spin-off. The project started by the Eng. Ahmed Eldagany and PhD. Lucas Tration. Having been exposed to toolmakers and injection moulders complains about the high costs to produce moulds for injection moulding through AM technologies (LPBF moulds) associated with high technical risks, they sparked an idea for patent-pending moulds that tackle all the current problems in the market during the early design phase. Soon after, QTool has been awarded with Premio Valle d’Aosta for the best start-up in the state of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta out of 92 business plans. In late 2019, QTool was incorporated in Pont-Saint Martin (AO) as an innovative startup.

The company combines the high-quality outputs by exploiting high quality Additive Manufacturing systems along with expert level know-how in the thermomechanical optimization field. This brings unprecedented added value to companies of all sizes that operate in the plastic injection moulding industry.


“Enable mass production using Additive Manufacturing”


“Create cutting edge moulds to allow companies to optimize and innovate goods’ production”


QTool S.r.l.

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12043 Pont Saint Martin (AO)

Valle d’Aosta Italia

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